Episode 33 | You have a disease. It’s called “Shame”.

April 28, 2016

You have a disease. It's called "Shame".

“If I were the Devil” - PFJ Quick Insight - Episode 32

April 22, 2016
That was written by Paul Harvey about 5 decades, 50 years ago. 
Whispers of "do as you please" today permeate the air and are now loud shouts to anyone that stand against it's logic. 

Today, easily, go google "The Bible is a myth, and you will get more than 24.4 Million hits asking that question or proclaiming this as truth. Also a search of youtube will show thousands of videos of young and old being celebrated for drunken acts of stupidness, and rage. 

Drained by sexual imagery surrounding us, yet God is being pushed out of every nook and cranny of our society that  allows it... Religious holidays have become barely recognizable to what they were intended to be... Marriage and the nuclear family have become a sham, and Polyamorous, Legally Open Relationships are soon to be the next movement that society will be forced to accept the "loving model of what family should be."

Life... It's being drained away --- slowly. And we, we've are the ones bloodletting ourselves, letting the life tickle out, in hope that we will get closer and closer to better. The Truth is that there is only one whose blood was poured out in which we can find hope, and that is in Christ, our "sure and steadfast anchor of the soul," of whom, we can "hold fast to the hope set before us."

Seek the life that we can only have in Christ, and you will find hope for living today. 

De-Churched: Reaching out to those hurt by the church? | Episode 31

April 15, 2016

I know it sounds strange, but are you part of the "de-churched" crowd? There are many kinds of people that are hurt by the church. As part of the greater Body of Christ, we should be doing better to reach those who have left the church -- but that isn't always easy for the local church for some reason. 

We hope that you enjoy this episode from myself, Josh, from PROJECT: Faith Journey, Jason from Genesis to John the Revelator, and Chris from the Uncategorised Christian Podcast

Are you struggling to find HOPE?

April 8, 2016

So elusive and difficult to grasp, many people in this world struggle to find hope in the midst of their struggles. 

On today's program, we talk about the struggle to find hope in the midst of troublesome issues we face daily. 

Does your Body Image dictate your WORTH in God?

March 27, 2016
Do you have a positive view on the way you look?

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror to tell yourself, "this part could be better." Or do you compare yourself to the person next to you only to tell yourself that you are not as good as they are in different ways?

The truth is that we have a loving, Heavenly Father who does just that, but we accept and believe the lies others and society pushes on us first -- that we are not good enough, that we must shed something BEFORE we can find something beautiful in us. 

Do you want to communicate the Gospel to those around you?

March 18, 2016

How can we work daily to relate the Gospel to those around us?

If you don’t realize it, good communication is key to ministry. Not just for the pastor from the pulpit, but day-to-day, as God takes you about your day, the life that God uses you to speak into others is key to relating the need for the Gospel to others. 

Pornography & Sexual Addiction, even in the church

March 2, 2016

In today's sexualized culture, especially with the ease of access to the internet, many struggle with sexual addictions & pornography  even in the church. Today, we talk with Rob, a husband and father of 4, lifelong church goer, and he says he's struggled with a porn addiction for more than 30 years.

Glenn’s Redemption Story: Finding Strength through the Pain (Part 2) | Episode 26

February 21, 2016

Just because a person becomes a Christian does not mean that life gets any easier. Often times, it gets harder. The enemy doesn't want you to succeed and will do everything in his power to remind us of our shortcomings, to keep us down and out. 

Listen to what it took for Glenn to get through the pain and find the strength daily to succeed through his past hurts and pain.

Glenn’s Redemption Story: Finding a New Identity in Christ (Pt1) | Episode 25

February 15, 2016

Day to day, Glenn manages a call-in prayer and counseling department at a ministry in Plano, Texas named Hope For The Heart. Regularly, he helps people find hope and healing who are struggling with tough life issues. 

But. before he began working here almost 20 years ago, Glenn grew up with a not-so-easy childhood of abuse and neglect on all levels. Battling teen suicide and depression, drug use and sexual relationships with both men and women, Glenn had seen it all. Following a night of a cocaine binge, Glenn had had enough. At this point, Glenn began seeing a Christian Counselor and he learned that his identity did not need to found in his past abuse.

Listen in to hear how Glenn found purpose in life beyond the abuse, but rather in Christ. 

How do you know it’s the calling for your life: An Interview with Missionaries Seth and Ashley Powell

February 9, 2016

Today with have a conversation with Missionaries to Bolivia, Seth and Ashley Powell. Church planting through small group ministry and family counseling, God is moving in the families of Bolivia. Listen in to what God is doing today.